[This article belongs to Volume - 38, Issue - 02]

Advances in Recent Laboratory Research of Polyolefin Pyrolysis Using Fluidized Bed Reactor Review

Plastic waste has been a global concern to overcome as it causes buildup and environmental issues. Potential lies in plastic waste which mainly consists of Polyolefin Plastic. Pyrolysis, thermal degradation under an inert atmosphere, technology commonly used in converting polyolefin plastic into useful products such as aromatic hydrocarbons. Over the years pyrolysis use several types of reactors where fluidized bed reactor holds major interest as of late. High heat transfer and fewer side reactions are one of the advantages of using a fluidized bed reactor. A review of fluidized bed reactor and polyolefin pyrolysis advances exists and is done separately. Review of recent laboratory research regarding polyolefin pyrolysis using fluidized bed reactor advances conducted. Summary and discussion regarding studies reviewed obtained. The study of the review can be used as future research or industrialization process considerations.