[This article belongs to Volume - 38, Issue - 06]

An Effective and Secured IoT based Healthcare System using Blockchain Technology

The healthcare industry is expanding quickly along with new technologies like IoT (Internet of Things). The fundamental idea behind integrating IoT into healthcare facilities is to build it accessible by physicians from a remote location, allowing for simple patient-doctor contact as well as remote disease detection in an emergency situation. But for the IoT health system to provide exceptional patient’s care, it is vital to ensure a high level of safety. The health histories of the patients contain critical data which must only be available to authorized people, as any data which exists on the Internet is susceptible to numerous threats. The idea of blockchain technology introduced in the healthcare area to improve the quality of medical services offered. Similar to healthcare, centralized blockchain features have led to a problem known as disease overlap when chain counts rise. The suggested work employs a blockchain-based architecture to address the problem, which has the advantage of automatically adding a new block to the chain whenever patient health data is updated. Furthermore, it is taken into account to secure the sensitive data of patients by developing a blockchain reliant IoT information security method. This approach not only protects the data but also fosters trust among patients and users, and healthcare service providers. This article's primary objective is the proposal of a security scheme for the healthcare sector that can protect sensitive data sent across cloud servers by utilizing block based data encoding. The simulation results showed that the suggested healthcare security strategy outperforms the conventional approaches, in terms of different performance indicators.