[This article belongs to Volume - 38, Issue - 02]

An Investigational Approach for Exploitation Using Client-Side Attack

Client-side network devices are prone to a variety of harmful actions. Malware or virus infection is readily contracted if someone visits unverified sites while browsing the web. Attackers infect a population with their dangerous malware through holes in websites. The tendency of the attackers appears to be the development of massive data-gathering malware attacks, which might pose a danger to individual and corporate integrity. Security researchers use sophisticated technologies to track and examine new malware and assaults. Although most ways have been created to strengthen client-side applications, relatively little has been done to integrate these strategies and provide a comprehensive picture of client-side security research. This paper’s primary goal is to provide comprehensive Client-Side Exploitation Inside the Windows Operating System with Kali Linux and using FatRat as an exploitation tool.