[This article belongs to Volume - 38, Issue - 03]

Analysis of Distance Effect Between Transmitter and Receiver Coil on The Performance of Wireless Power Transfer System

Wireless power transfer (WPT) is a concept to transfer electrical power from a sending coil to a receiving coil without wire. The previous researchers have studied about the WPT using its implementation in simulation modelling, but it is little supporting that related to the mathematical formulation, especially in the distance between the sending and receiving coil. This paper presents a simulation modelling of WPT system using MATLAB SIMULINK based on the mathematical formulation that related to the inductance of inductor of the sending and receiving coil, turn number of coil and mutual inductance as representative of the distance between the sending and receiving coil. The simulation results show that 5 kHz pulse wave generated by pulse generator drives the gate terminal of MOSFET that converts the DC voltage to be 5 kHz AC voltage on the sending coil by the half bridge inverter circuit. The sending coil generates its rms AC voltage of 46.87 V for the distance of 50 cm and also an AC voltage is inducted on the receiving coil with its rms voltage, current and power are 22.79 V, 2.15 A and 10.68 W, respectively.