[This article belongs to Volume - 38, Issue - 06]

Analysis of MHD flow chemically reactive Casson liquid by an elongated permeable sheet with Lorentz force and heat reservoir effects.

The study of non-Newtonian fluids has received a considerable and significant attention from engineers, scientists and medical mentors. In the current study, a mathematical framework has been developed to explore the physical properties of non-Newtonian Fluid Flow. Particularly, we aim to study the physical properties of a chemical reaction, and transfer of heat and mass features on magnetohydrodynamic flow of Casson fluid towards an extended permeable surface with non-Newtonian heating and viscous dissipation effect. The dimensionless regular system of ordinary differential equations (ODEs) has been reduced from the system of modeled partial differential equations (PDEs) via natural transformation framework. The leading nonlinear (ODEs) were computationally solved through ND-solve technique. The impressions of several parameters are portrayed graphically along with tabular analysis of diversified flow fields. The surface drag force coefficient, mass flow rate, and heat flow rate are numerically computed via different significant parameters. The 3D views of significant engineering constraints are demonstrated for different parameters. Finally, for validation, some comparisons are also shown with Homotopy Analysis Method (HAM) and acceptable agreement is found.