[This article belongs to Volume - 39, Issue - 02]

Developing a Training Model by Generative AI for Constructing Forward Kinematics Analysis -A Case Study on Spatial Five-Axis Robotic Arm

(1) AI technology is rapidly advancing, and many related tools have been developed in recent years. ChatGPT stands out as a leader, with access to vast online databases. Developers have leveraged widespread user engagement to train this powerful tool. The Kinematics of robotic arms is a significant research area, with forward kinematics analysis being an essential and fundamental aspect of robotics. (2) Many professionals in the robotics or automation industry are graduates of the mechanical engineering field. However, a deep understanding of kinematics typically requires advanced study at the graduate level. Therefore, constructing and writing a forward kinematics analysis for a five-axis robotic arm can be significantly challenging for undergraduate students or novice users. (3) This study establishes a training model using generative AI by continuous communication with AI, receiving knowledge and responses from AI in this application. Without a solid background in robotics, learners can efficiently establish a forward kinematics analysis for a five-axis robotic arm through step-by-step communication with AI.