[This article belongs to Volume - 38, Issue - 05]

Development of Face Mask Detector with Temperature Scanner using Arduino

In an era characterized by rapid modernization and technological advancement, human scientific ingenuity continues to progress daily. This dynamic environment, however, extends to microorganisms, including viruses and bacteria, which also evolve over time. This evolution can have adverse effects on humanity, leading to the spread of diseases that persist today. To mitigate these challenges, harnessing the full potential of science and technology becomes imperative, aimed at minimizing the extent of damage and loss of life. This research is designed to ensure the proper use of face masks and the assessment of an individual's body condition through temperature checks before engaging in activities within crowded areas. Its primary objective is to facilitate the meticulous implementation of Covid-19 Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), thereby fostering a healthy environment and effectively preventing and controlling the spread of Covid-19 within the community. Central to this initiative is the deployment of face mask scanners, strategically positioned at main entrances for comprehensive monitoring. These scanners, employing ESP32-CAM Face Recognition technology, analyze individuals' compliance with face mask guidelines and grant access to those who meet the stipulated criteria. Compliant individuals are granted access through the bar/gate, while those not wearing face masks are denied entry, ensuring strict adherence to policies and public safety. Additionally, the scanner serves as a visual reminder to customers to wear their masks, enhancing overall awareness and adherence to safety measures. The analysis of the developed system is done based on time consumption for bar gate opening and facemask scanner detection. The system's performance is assessed through the measurement of its failure rate, which consistently reveals a minimal failure rate. These findings substantiate the effective functionality of the developed system.