[This article belongs to Volume - 38, Issue - 04]

Development of Remote Desktop Protocol by using Any-desk for Control Laboratory in Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technology UTeM

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the learning method around the world. Educational institutions including schools, universities and other learning institutions have had to quickly move to online learning platforms. Options for remote learning methods such as virtual classrooms, online lectures, and digital study materials were seek for online learning. It can occur synchronously or asynchronously and been used to replace traditional in-person instruction. This situation forces some equipment to require remote simulation control so that it is easier for the user to monitor the system activities. This research is proposed to develop virtual monitoring system for personal computers in Control 1 Laboratory, Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technology, UTeM by using “Any-desk” software. The software is installed in the computer in the laboratory and linked to the individual personal computer at home or hostel by setting the IP address between this connection. By using the virtual monitoring system, the practical laboratory session which is one of the components for Fundamentals of Control System Engineering Course can be remotely used and supervised. The analysis of the developed system is done based on the medium of transferred data and the location of the individual computer. Performance is measured on network ping and latency reading. The analysis results show that the usage of fiber optic produced smallest ping and latency reading.