[This article belongs to Volume - 38, Issue - 04]

Enhanced Wireless End-to-End IoT Hydroponic System

In an uncontrolled environment, the effect of global warming pose challenges to successful plant cultivation. However, recent advancements have narrowed the gap between agricultural production and IoT technologies. It becomes crucial to exercise precise control over fertilizer quantities to moderate production expenses. The main goal of this project is to develop a wireless hydroponic system that can transmit node data from hydroponic site without Wi-Fi to another node with Wi-Fi coverage and push data to IoT cloud/middleware. This proposed system employs ESP32 devices, with one endpoint dedicated to gathering data from sensors measuring pH level, humidity, and temperature. The master node receives and displays the raw sensor data on an LCD, establishes an indoor Wi-Fi connection, and forwards the data to the Cayenne IoT platform which then allows comprehensive monitoring of all sensors data collected. The pH level is continuously monitored by the nodeMCU, which triggers the pump through a connected relay to dispense the appropriate amount of fertilizer into the hydroponics system when necessary. As a result, the developed automated system successfully enables convenient access to displayed data on Cayenne dashboard. Additionally, this proposed system can significantly reduce excessive fertilizer usage, making it particularly effective in areas lacking Wi-Fi coverage.