[This article belongs to Volume - 38, Issue - 04]

Ethnobotanical Study and Phytochemical Screening of Some Plants from the Study Area Taounate (North of Morocco)

For the valorization of the medicinal flora of the region of Taounate, an ethnobotanical survey was carried out among the local population. The results obtained allowed us to identify a total of 80 species of MAP used by the rural population of which the most exploited are: Inula viscosa, Salvia officinalis, Mentha pulégium, Thymus vulgaris et Rosmarinus officinalis. The most used part is the leaves prepared by decoction as the most used mode and administered orally in most cases to treat different pathologies whose main ones are: digestive disorders first, blood pressure, headaches, and sales. The phytochemical screening carried out in three extracts (Ethanolic, Ethereal, Chloroformic) revealed the richness of these plants in primary and secondary metabolites whose main ones are: Coumarins, Flavonoids, Saponosides, Alkaloids, and Tannins. The therapeutic effect of these plants is due to their richness in secondary metabolites.