[This article belongs to Volume - 38, Issue - 02]

Extending Design Charts for Prestressed Concrete Double Tee Beams Considering the Theory of Moment Continuity

Precast, prestressed double tee beams are used and designed similarly to other prestressed elements. However, there are some circumstances that are specific to double tee beams, either because of how the beams or slab are made or because of how they are used. For special situations, double tee beam producers have developed design criteria and conducted in-house testing to verify that their approaches are valid. In fact, there is consistency between the many types of double tee beams available. The fundamental design requirements for double tee floor and roof systems are covered in this research paper. The double tee beams conventionally reinforced and prestressed were subjected to computerized finite element modeling. which a design aid was prepared and set up so that it could be used easily. The research's data were verified for accuracy with the greatest care possible. However, only those with experience in structural design should use the obtained data, which shouldn't take the place of sound structural engineering judgment. This study includes charts for the layout of continuous double tee beams with one and two ends created by analysis and redesign using the finite element method. These charts make it possible to determine the necessary moment capacity at supports as well as the moment redistribution from supports for a desired increase in span length. When α=1 and R≤0.3 the obtained span capacity of double tee beams can be increased by between (37-70) % for a two-end continuous span and the increase in span capacity varies from (24-41) % for a one-end continuous.