[This article belongs to Volume - 38, Issue - 07]

Injection of Capasitor Values Based on PID Controller on The Self-Excited Induction Generator

This research discusses an output voltage controller of the self-excited induction generator (SEIG). The SEIG is one part of the renewable energy application where it is not connected to the utility grid, but it uses the capacitor as an excitation source. One of the weaknesses of this generator is its voltage regulation caused by its load change. Thus, one method is needed to maintain its output voltage in a required voltage value. This research proposes a mathematical model of the SEIG and it is implemented using MATLAB SIMULINK. A capacitor arrangement based on PID controller is applied in the SEIG with value of proportional, P = 0.1, integral, I = 0.05 and derivative, D = 0. The application of these values is for injecting the variable capacitor on the SEIG, thus its output voltage in the steady state voltage around 200 V for the resistive load in 1 pu, 0.9 pu and 0.8 pu for a time range of 0 – 25 s. The simulation result shows that its output voltage is 194.5 V when the system is run for the time of 25 s and its error is 2.75%. It indicates that the capacitor arrangement based on PID controller is very effective to be applied on the SEIG.