[This article belongs to Volume - 38, Issue - 07]

Integration of AI and Mechanism Design: Training Model for Assisting Learning Programming for Dynamic Analysis

(1) AI-assisted learning has become a hot topic in academia and industry. Thanks to AI's formidable analytical prowess, students' learning journeys no longer depend on a single teaching methodology. There are also some educational efforts integrating artificial intelligence concepts into teaching. (2) This study establishes a training method for ChatGPT. This method aids mechanical engineering students in learning the programming code for mechanism dynamic design, even without solid programming capabilities. The research discusses the significant challenges mechanical engineering students previously faced in completing this task. It also explores the primary focuses of past programming courses and kinematics courses, emphasizing the importance of the approach this study introduces; (3) ChatGPT effectively aids in mechanism linkage design, exemplified by the dynamic analysis of four-bar linkage using programming. For accurate AI responses, interact with ChatGPT using clear and simple commands. Users should know basic kinematics and linkage design. While ChatGPT is knowledgeable, it may misinterpret mechanical concepts. Clear explanations are often needed. ChatGPT enables learners to design and simulate the four-bar linkage mechanism, even without deep theoretical or programming knowledge; (4) This study focuses on the ChatGPT interface, accessible to the general student population, and constructs a method for quickly designing and writing dynamic analyses of mechanisms.