[This article belongs to Volume - 38, Issue - 01]

Investigation Influence of Hierarchical and Impregnation Mixed Metal Fe-Co on Ludox-ZSM-5 Structure by Rietveld Refinement Diffraction Pattern

This study investigates the effect of hierarchical and impregnated treatment on LudoxZSM-5 by means of computational simulation, namely Rietveld refinement analysis on diffraction pattern samples from X-Ray Diffraction using MAUD (Material Analysis Using Diffraction) software with the special feature MTEX. The results of this analysis found that the hierarchical treatment and impregnation of the mixed metal Fe-Co on LudoxZSM-5 caused a change in the crystalline phase. The initial phase of LudoxZSM-5 is similar to the orthorhombic MFI type, which undergoes a phase change after the hierarchy is applied, i.e. it approaches the structural system of the MCM-68 type, tetragonal, which then approaches the crystalline phase orthorhombic of the FER type (ZSM-35), after receiving the impregnation-calcination treatment.