[This article belongs to Volume - 38, Issue - 04]

Location-based Service Uncertainty Resolving Model in Self-adaptive System Using Model-driven Formal Engineering Method

The Self-adaptive System (SAS) has the ability to react and adapt automatically according to the current contexts and situations. The design and analysis in software engineering play an important phase to build such systems. SAS needs Self-adaptive Process (SAP) to initiate the realization of the functions. Based on the previous studies by other researchers, common problems in SAS are their uncertainties in providing services. This study needs to analyze service uncertainties with Self-adaptive Model (SAM) in SAS. SAM which will be mapped with SAS are MAPE-K and ASTRO-CAPtEvo. This research takes location-based as the functional background to solve the Location-based Service Uncertainty (LSU) existing in it. As a result, the objective of the research is to compose Location-based Service Uncertainty Resolving Model (LSURM) firstly. Secondly, the research will develop SAS which will adopt LSURM and it will leverage on the Model-driven Approach (MDA) in Semantic- based Approach (SBA) and Formal Engineering Method (FEM) to solve LSU. Finally, for the evaluation, the aim is to concentrate on the measurement of correctness and effectiveness for LSURM.