[This article belongs to Volume - 38, Issue - 01]

Mitigation of Fault Occurrence in Distribution Lines  

For customers to receive dependable service, damaged lines need to be repaired as quickly as possible and put back in use. All types of faults must be avoided to ensure or reduce how much energy can be distributed with ease. Estimates for both sustained and transitory faults are provided by fault locators. The little damage brought on by transient defects is difficult to see during an inspection. Locators for faults aid in pinpointing the places for quick repairs to stop recurrence and the ensuing significant harm. This paper discusses a few distribution system fault location strategies used in various types of networks and methods of mitigating them. A reliable power supply can be achieved at a lower maintenance cost with the use of maintenance techniques for distribution network components. It focuses on condition evaluation and innovative ideas for evaluating the state and significance of network components, as well as system and risk. Real networks are used to estimate the possible cost reduction.