[This article belongs to Volume - 38, Issue - 07]

Scaled-Down Physical Model of Ogee Dam for The Validating Simulation Works

Chenderoh is a parliamentary election area located in Perak, Malaysia. The construction of the Chenderoh Dam with an ogee design is prioritized to meet the community's need for raw water supply. One of the vital components of a dam is the spillway structure. Therefore, the building needs to be tested for hydraulic physical model tests. The physical hydraulic model is important to verify the veracity of numerical models. It must be built to have flow conditions similar to those in the prototype, and it must show geometric, kinematic, and dynamic resemblance to the prototype. The methods in this validation work are divided into two parts which are the development of the physical model (similitude analysis and physical model construction) and experimental works (flow measurement experiment and experimental modal analysis). The experimental validation is based on the scaled-down 1:20 physical model mimicking the actual Ogee dam. To simplify the numerical modeling of the Dam which is enormous in size and consists of various details, the simulations were conducted on five separated structures of the dam, for instance, left bank, right bank, spillway, intake section and bottom outlet. The percentage deviations between experimental and numerical frequencies for every location of the dam structure do not exceed 14.58%, signifying great conformity between numerical simulation and experiment was achieved.