[This article belongs to Volume - 38, Issue - 06]

Short Review of Gravitational Vortex Turbines

Due to the adverse environmental effects associated with large hydroelectric dams and traditional diesel power plants, there is a pressing need to investigate alternative renewable energy options. Gravitational Vortex Turbines emerge as a promising solution, offering clean energy for off-grid regions, by harnessing the power of water vortexes in turbine-generator systems. The global adoption of these turbines has risen in response to demographic expansion in remote areas, and ongoing research has contributed to refining their efficiency. Despite the increasing deployment of GVTs, a notable gap exists in the literature regarding the assessment of the impact of their geometric and operational parameters on performance. This paper aims to address this gap by presenting a comprehensive global overview of GVTs. The literature review delves into their operational principles and examines numerical, experimental, and analytical studies conducted to enhance their overall efficiency. This synthesis of knowledge contributes to a better understanding of the potential and challenges associated with Gravitational Vortex Turbines in the realm of renewable energy.