[This article belongs to Volume - 38, Issue - 06]

Solution Recommendation Chatbot for IT Usage Problems in the Universities of Thailand

Today, all universities utilize IT more and more in their daily operations. However, most of their personnel do not have enough knowledge and skills in solving problems related to IT usage problems, making the number of personnel responsible for problem-solving not enough to provide services thoroughly. It can be obvious that if there is a tool that helps university personnel able to learn how to solve problems related to IT usage by themselves, officers’ burden shall be decreased and they will be able to spend their time on developing other systems in the university increasingly. Therefore, a chatbot is developed to give immediate answers how to solve IT problems to personnel, students, and instructors in universities. An interview was used to ask about problems and how to solve IT usage problems with relevant persons in the information technology service departments from six universities and 22 problems were gathered. The solution of each problem was examined and prioritized from the basic level onwards by the experts. Those problems and solutions were gathered to form a stratified knowledge base that identifies the correlation between problems and solutions by using Dialogflow and connecting to LINE application, known as IT Bot. According to the efficiency test from 90 test messages about the problems on using information technology, it was found that its precision value is 92.22% and its recall value is 93.33%. The sample of 60 persons consisting of instructors, personnel, and students from six universities were assigned to use the IT Bot and evaluate their satisfaction. It was found that the mean of overall satisfaction with the use of the IT Bot is 4.23 out of 5 point Likert scale as they were satisfied with the response time and accurate outcome the most. They viewed that the IT Bot can provide solutions to most of the information technology problems in the universities. Meanwhile, it can also help users to increase their knowledge about how to solve the IT problems. The performance of IT Bot can be further improved by adding more specific problems or even use it in teaching and learning. However, there are some messages that the IT Bot could not answer which can be solved by gathering more problems and solutions to build a larger knowledge base for the IT Bot that meets the users’ needs.