[This article belongs to Volume - 39, Issue - 02]

Validation of Spillway Material Properties

Dams demand continuous safety control for water resource management, hydroelectric power, and flood prevention. This study delves into the crucial aspect of initial validation for dam material properties, a fundamental step in guaranteeing the structural integrity of these vital infrastructures. The research focuses on a chute spillway structure comprised of concrete and granite. The methodology involves identifying dam materials, extracting samples through in-situ coring, and subjecting them to compression tests for mechanical property evaluation. Young's modulus calculations consider reinforcement materials is used for accurate simulation input. Numerical and experimental modal analyses and real material samples contribute to a comprehensive understanding of material behavior. Results highlight the material properties of the spillway structure, emphasizing the importance of material selection for accurate simulations. The validated material properties serve as a robust foundation for further studies, contributing to the overall safety and reliability of dam structures. In conclusion, this study emphasizes the significance of initial validation, preventing inaccuracies in subsequent analyses, and enhancing the understanding of dam behavior and safety.