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Kongzhi yu Juece/Control and Decision (ISSN:1001-0920) is a monthly peer-reviewed scopus indexed journal originally founded in 1986. It is sponsored by the Ministry of Education, china and Northeastern University, china. Kongzhi yu Juece/Control and Decision (ISSN:1001-0920) has always adhered to the correct purpose of running the journal, and has been committed to gathering and disseminating excellent academic achievements, inspiring technological innovation, and promoting the development of disciplines in my country.Aiming at major national needs and international frontiers, this journal has published a large number of original and high-level research result. The journal was selected into the "China Science and Technology Journal Excellence Action Plan Project" in December 2019.In the future, it will strive to build an open innovation, collaborative integration.

Aim and Scope

Kongzhi yu Juece/Control and Decision

Computer Science and Engineering: Lizi Jiaohuan Yu Xifu/Ion Exchange and Adsorption Fa yi xue za zhi Dianzi Yu Xinxi Xuebao/Journal of Electronics and Information Technology Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment

Software Engineering, Data Security, Computer Vision, Image Processing, Cryptography, Computer Networking, Database system and Management, Data mining, Big Data, Robotics, Parallel and distributed processing, Artificial Intelligence, Natural language processing , Neural Networking, Distributed Systems , Fuzzy logic, Advance programming, Machine learning, Internet & the Web, Information Technology, Computer architecture, Virtual vision and virtual simulations, Operating systems, Cryptosystems and data compression, Security and privacy, Algorithms, Sensors and ad-hoc networks, Graph theory, Pattern/image recognition, Neural networks,

Electrical Engineering and Telecommunication Section:

Electrical Engineering, FACTS devices , Insulation systems , Power quality , Telecommunication Engineering, Electro-mechanical System Engineering, Biological Biosystem Engineering, Integrated Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Hardware-software co-design and interfacing, Semiconductor chip, Peripheral equipments, Nanotechnology, Advanced control theories and applications, Machine design and optimization , Turbines micro-turbines, High voltage engineering, Electrical actuators , Energy optimization , Electric drives , Electrical machines, HVDC transmission, Power electronics.

Mechanical and Materials Engineering :

kinematics and dynamics of rigid bodies, theory of machines and mechanisms, vibration and balancing of machine parts, stability of mechanical systems, mechanics of continuum, strength of materials, fatigue of materials, hydromechanics, aerodynamics, thermodynamics, heat transfer, thermo fluids, nanofluids, energy systems, renewable and alternative energy, engine, fuels,

Chemical Engineering :

Chemical engineering fundamentals, Particulate systems, Rheology, Physical, Theoretical and Computational Chemistry, Chemical engineering educational challenges and development, Chemical reaction engineering, Multifase flows, Chemical engineering equipment design and process design, Thermodynamics, Catalysis & reaction engineering, Interfacial & colloidal phenomena, Transport phenomena in porous/granular media, Membranes and membrane science, Crystallization, distillation, absorption and extraction, Ionic liquids/electrolyte solutions.

Mathematics :

Actuarial science, Algebra, Algebraic geometry, Analysis and advanced calculus, Approximation theory, Boundry layer theory, Calculus of variations, Combinatorics, Complex analysis, Continuum mechanics, Cryptography, Demography, Differential equations, Differential geometry, Dynamical systems, Econometrics, Fluid mechanics, Functional analysis, Game theory, General topology, Geometry, Graph theory, Group theory, Information theory, Industrial mathematics, Integral transforms and integral equations, Lie algebras, Magnetohydrodynamics, Mathematical analysis, Logic,

Physics Section :

Astrophysics, Atomic and molecular physics, Biophysics, Chemical physics, Civil engineering physics, Cluster physics, Computational physics, Condensed matter, Cosmology, Device physics, Fluid dynamics, Geophysics. High energy particle physics, Laser, Mechanical engineering, Medical physic, Nanotechnology, Nonlinear science, Nuclear physics, Optics, Photonics, Plasma and fluid physics, Quantum physics, Magnetohydrodynamics, Robotics, Soft matter and polymers,

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A Density Functional Theory investigation on Gallium Nitride nanocage Ga12N12 as a carrier for BMSF-BENZ drug

Our investigation aims to examine the potential and capability of gallium Nitride nanocage (Ga12N12) to detect and adsorb BMSF-BENZ molecular. So, we assumed different configurations for the adsorbing of BMSF-BENZ drug on the surface of this nanocage. All configurations were optimized using Density Functional Theory at lanl2dz basis set with M06-2X, WB97XD levels of theory, then we selected the sites of the active atoms (Nitrogen atoms, Oxygen atoms, and Sulfur atom) to be adsorbed by the nanocage. The results obtained from adsorption energy, hardness-softness, and fermi energy showed that the

Analysis of Fatty Acid Ethyl Ester and 𝛂-Tocopherol as an Antioxidant Sources on Cooking Oil and Homemade Virgin Coconut Oil

The main content of virgin coconut oil is fatty acid ethyl ester and other ingredients that have the potential as a source of antioxidants which are added during the manufacture of oil from natural ingredients on the market. The aim of this study was to analyze FAEE of homemade virgin coconut oil (VCO) as well as cooking oil added with VCO by using GC-MS. Fresh coconut fruit as a source of natural VCO and cooking oil containing VCO were used in this study. Both materials were prepared using pro-analytical extract solvents. Phytoconstituent profiles were analyzed using GC-MS qualitatively. The

One case report of clown nose: nasal metastasis of ovarian cancer

Skin metastases in ovarian cancer are uncommon, but their incidence may be increasing due to improved survival rates. Skin metastases can be divided into umbilical metastases, which are known as Sister Joseph nodules (SJNs) and are associated with peritoneal metastasis, and non-SJN skin metastases, which usually develop within surgical scars and in the vicinity of superficial lymphadenopathy. As most skin metastases develop after specific conditions, recognition of preceding metastatic diseases and prior treatments is necessary for early diagnosis of skin lesions. The prognosis of skin meta

A hybrid gray wolf optimization algorithm based on the teaching-learning optimization

In terms of the problems that the gray wolf optimization algorithm has low convergence accuracy and is easy to fall into local solutions, this paper proposes a hybrid gray wolf optimization algorithm based on the teaching-learning optimization. Firstly, the good-point set theory is used to generate the initial population to improve its ergodicity. Then, a nonlinear control parameter strategy is proposed to increase the global search capability in the early stage of the iteration to avoid the algorithm from falling into the local optimum, and increase the local development capability in the

A fast detection method of FDI attack signal based on distributed fusion

This paper studies the alarm response of false data injection attack in cyber-physical system under limited bandwidth constraints. Firstly, the false data injected in the actuator is modeled as unknown input, and the local residual generators are designed by the given H_infinity performance index to generate the residual signals approaching the attack signal. Subsequently, in order to improve the alarm response, all the residual signals are quantized and then send to the detection center under the distributed fusion framework, the optimization objective is designed where the H_infinity perf